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But now you see these shows like “Lost” and “Heroes” finally becoming more and more mainstream.

PW: You were there with “Punisher: War Zone” which has had a little drama surrounding it lately. Julie: I haven’t, but as far as I know the studio is really behind the movie.I mean, I knew they would, but I just couldn’t figure out how she would forgive him.I was kind of heartbroken by it – even as a fan – by the fact that their relationship was going to be forever changed.However, she was offered a small role as a vampire girl in which she did such a good job that her part was expanded to a few more episodes in playing the vampire "Darla".With that, Julie Benz's career had finally taken off.

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I think the trailer is brilliant and what I love about Gale Anne Hurd and the studio is that they say, “It’s a very violent movie” and they’re owning it.

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