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and most sketches that have made you cry laughing in the last few years) chatted with us about discovering the format--and getting a bad grooming rep from the special effects department.

I imagine the whole Burning Love cast sitting around talking about The Bachelor all day, but is everyone actually a fan? And then some of them--myself included--would never watch them. Ben Stiller's company Red Hour [which produces the show] said Ken Marino called them looking for someone who won't wear pants and they said, "Natasha diehards: season one, which starred Ken Marino as a firefighting dolt, is the one coming to television this evening.

In 2012, she also appeared in six episodes of NBC's Are You There, Chelsea?

” Leggero said Toback came up to her in a hotel and offered her a part in his flick “Two Girls and a Guy.” She says Toback also asked that she grow out her armpit hair and went on to meet her in Central Park, where he demanded to see her armpit hair before masturbating.

I brought in some dresses I had and then we shortened them with pins to my underwear. Everyone kept coming up to me and saying, "We just want to tell you you're so brave." I was like, "I really must not look so great."Stop!

It's about five inches shorter than Vegas length--like you know how in Vegas you can almost see the vaginas? You were the most beautiful drunken pantsless woman ever.

They blurred out my whole lower half, then somehow CGI'ed in that I have this huge muff. Now that you know a little more about these shows, what do you think makes them so compelling to watch, even when we know this is clearly melting our brains?

I just love the naivete--the belief that they're going to find true love.

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