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"I am not disabled and I am highly aware of that but I have a true responsibility to all the people in the world who are dealing with this condition." As for the human element, Hawkins, who is painfully shy and has previously described herself as "not being Hollywood fodder", has compassion by the bucket load."We all feel very different and we all are very different to varying degrees in everything," says the Brit, who also suffers from rheumatoid arthritis, but to a far lesser degree."I painted already but I learned to paint in a way that was similar to Maud," she explains. (It was) an excuse to paint and pick up a brush again, which I just adored.

"It's something we all know - how important it is for your heart and soul to be free in order to do what makes you happy, whatever the sacrifice." Hailing from a creative background (her parents were authors and illustrators of children's books), Hawkins beams as she recalls the time she spent replicating a number of Maud's favourite works.if I ever became one, if I do find myself in that kind of position when I no longer have privacy or find it difficult in that way, then I would probably have to think about doing something else," she concludes."When it's out of balance, and that would be completely out of balance, then I'm no longer able to do what I do - and do it well." Maudie out in cinemas now."I can't even begin to imagine what (Maud) was going through, but we've all felt pain, we're all human, we know what it is to feel alone and different."But that's why human beings are wonderful and forever inspiring," she adds. Life is hard, whatever you are, whoever you are, and that's part of it." As for her own life, Hawkins keeps details close to her chest.

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