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Wolfe said in a press release: Barely Famous was made to show the real truths behind the so-called fabulous lives, and Wolfe believes their honest voice will bring great success to Bumble by working on brand awareness and content as well as live events.Erin said in a statement to BI: Chloe is a reporter at Global Dating Insights.This newly married celebrity couple isn't close in age and they don't care whatsoever.David Foster and Katharine Mc Phee's age difference has been a highly discussed topic ever since they first started dating in 2017.

Then, in September, Foster’s daughter, Erin, posted a picture of Foster with Mc Phee at an event and referred to Mc Phee as her stepmother in the caption.

“The idea came from the fact that we grew up with lots of family members getting into reality TV,” Erin says, “and from day one we always knew we did not want to be a part of it.” Their father is the music producer David Foster (16 Grammys), who has been married four times. Their second (and soon-to-be ex) stepmom, Yolanda Foster, appears on With their blond hair, blue eyes, and bikini-ready bodies, the Fosters epitomize “Malibu Barbie.” But looks can be deceiving.

“There were a lot of assumptions that we were raised a certain way,” Erin says.

“We are on a show that pokes fun at reality television,” Sara admits.

The founder of Bumble, Whitney Wolfe, has made famous sisters Sara and Erin Foster joint heads of creative for Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF.

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The Foster sisters are behind the scripted reality-parody show Barely Famous, Sara is a TV actress best known for her role in 90210 and Erin is a writer who has recently sold a pilot to Fox.

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