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METTLER TOLEDO sensor simulation kits are designed to help verify measurement loop setups.These convenient simulators provide the same signals as actual analytical sensors.These two factors taken together explain why ozone depletion in the Arctic is generally much smaller than in the Antarctic.A particularly cold Arctic stratospheric winter and spring in 2010/2011 displayed much larger ozone depletion than typical years, as highlighted by Manney et al. This noteworthy geophysical event has intrigued scientists and raised several important questions: Could this be the first Arctic ozone hole?This you to provide controlled measurement signals to your transmitters to verify that your measurement loops are set up properly for controlling your processes.

The data show that the lowest ozone values are associated with temperatures below −80 °C to −85 °C depending upon altitude, and are closely associated with reduced gaseous nitric acid concentrations due to uptake and/or sedimentation in polar stratospheric cloud particles.The extensive springtime depletion of Antarctic ozone has attracted both public and scientific interest since its discovery (1) and explanation in the 1980s.The ozone hole has been linked to the coupling of human-made chlorofluorocarbons with surface chemistry on and in polar stratospheric clouds (PSCs) that form during extreme cold conditions (2).We will present information on the range of extreme ozone observations in individual air parcels as observed by MLS, as well as averages of the measurements over the cold polar regions.There are important limitations of such simple comparisons, and these are noted where appropriate.

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Using a sensor simulation kit, you can imitate signals from p H, dissolved oxygen (at both standard concentrations and trace/ppb level concentrations), and dissolved carbon dioxide sensors.

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