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For this line of business Amazon is acting as its own freight forwarder by reserving space on ships and clearing customs itself.This also reduced the fees it pays to outside logistics providers.In February, Amazon announced plans to build its first air cargo hub at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport. When the 2-million-square-foot facility opens, it will reduce the company’s dependence on UPS and Fed Ex.But Amazon was already moving away from reliance on the parcel giants by giving an increasing share of its parcel business to lower cost regional providers.In theory, the Whole Food stores could be used as forward warehouses, in addition or instead of being stores.But even after decluttering the back rooms, most of the Whole Foods locations do not offer the right layout to switch over to a delivery warehouse, as they do not have the required docks or quite enough back room space.Is the Amazon supply chain the most innovative in the world?

The idea is that by pre-checking in, they use the QR code to pass through security instead of the manual process of showing and scanning a badge at the gate.Relay aims to speed up the process of making deliveries to warehouses.Additionally, it can help to reduce manual processes.Relay, quietly released in October, is Amazon’s first trucking app, and is designed to make trips to Amazon warehouses faster and more efficient.Drivers can enter cargo information into the app before they arrive.

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Or for that matter, Jeff Bezos’ drone prediction made five years ago on 60 Minutes.

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