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The police are also directed under policy guidelines to make use of powers under other relevant acts, such as the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act, in terms of investigating a domestic violence incident.

Even though the police have these powers to protect, investigate and prosecute in domestic violence situations, women do not always see the police using these powers.

Police Prosecutors are located at Magistrates Courts and can present the aggrieved spouses application to the court.

The police are unlikely to withdraw an application fro an order if they believe a Woman is in some danger.

A Woman can authorise any person, for example a welfare worker, family member or friend to make the application for a protection order.

An authorised person must have written authority of the aggrieved spouse to represent her at the court hearing.

If the Woman wishes to have an authorised person take out the order on her behalf she should tick on the application form that she does not need the police prosecutor to represent her.

This option is not often chosen, as it requires some knowledge and experience with protection order proceedings.

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Under the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act, the victim is know as the aggrieved spouse and the perpetrator of the violence is the respondent spouse.

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