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“What community leaders did was very essential to the service in terms of what [Aol was] selling to the public,” their lawyer, Leon Greenberg, .“The minimum-wage laws require people get paid a minimum wage.At the same time, Aol began to monetize its chat rooms and message boards by introducing advertisements.

But people had not yet accepted that the Internet was a Wild West, always a bit out of control, so Aol worried about how to keep chat rooms safe.

Occasionally, controversy erupts as each company’s policy amounts to sweeping decisions about what speech and material is allowed and what is barred from some of the largest communication networks in the world.

Aol’s community leaders also have a number of modern day counterparts.

How could the company keep parents from barring their children from chat rooms like the sketchy park down the street?

The company did so by following the model high schools use to police prom: employees recruited large numbers of volunteer monitors to supervise its chat rooms and act as “community leaders.” The only problem was that unlike a high school, Aol was a massive Internet company.

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And for-profit companies don’t have volunteers; they have lawsuits waiting to happen. By 1999, monitored Aol chat rooms that ranged in topic from sports to gardening.

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