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This is incredibly stupid because X and V are not the most versatile letters. Who will like it: City planners who play crossword puzzles, crossword fans who aspire to be city planners, those little shits that make the Scripps finals.

Who won’t like it: Pepole hoo relie to munch un spel chek, the dude who was planning to make “Words of Warcraft”, Charlie Brown.

Sort of like: The Adventures of Lolo (NES) Why I like it: Crystal Hunters is an intelligently designed game.

Developed by Dream Root Studios Concept: Collect crystals while avoiding enemies in this top-down logic puzzler.

With a wide variety of enemies, weapons, and customizable stats, this is probably one of the most intelligent shooters on the platform.

What could have made it better: It was practically begging for co-op.

) preferably RPGs or simulation games kind of like Zoo tycoons types. Could do this on Ps3 but can't find how on xbox.. submitted by /u/Generally Moral [link] [comments] More...

The Xbox 360 version, released March 15, 2006, was the 17th most popular Xbox Live Arcade title for 2006.[1] In February 2006, the sequel to this game, Feeding Frenzy 2: Shipwreck Showdown was released.

Gameplay In Feeding Frenzy, players control a hungry marine predator intent on munching as many other fish as possible.

Who will like it: Shooting fans, zombiephiles, Austin Powers.

Who won’t like it: Shag carpet salesmen, actual evil geniuses, human resources managers.

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Why I liked it: Lexiv is probably an acquired taste that requires a love of word games mixed with a deep fondness for simplified Sim City-esq strategy and maintenance.

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