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After the fight, he rests and notice Ushio by a pile of rubbsih, which he carries him, causing Ushio to note that he is stronger than he is, which he agrees on.As he entered high school, he met Urara Shiraishi, who he said was "boring" because studying was all she ever cared about, with no social freedom that he believes every young person should have.

In the Teacher's Lounge, Ryu sits in a chair as a professor berates him for his poor conduct in school.

Meeting her gaze once he comes pass her, he suddenly takes the wrong step, tripping and falls on top of Urara.

He wakes up confused about where he is, and believes that he died.

Since the scenes are usually taken place in school, he wears his school uniform with his sleeves rolled up. Depicted as a delinquent, he is always late for school, naps in class and gets abysmal grades.

It was said that before he entered high school, he had a different hairstyle. To him, his life was a dead bore because he was unable to get along with anyone in his high school until he met Urara and the Supernatural Studies Club.

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He checks and sees that she has already left, which the school nurse tells him that she has gone back to class.

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