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You don't know if the other person is even able to send you a message. You're always getting BS messages such as someone wants to meet you, which you can't even reply to without paying more money.

It is so easy to understand how it works, I am just sory that I had to pay for it.

Then you meet the ones that you talk to and think are really great.Also you should give the availability to share pictures privately among members.While acclaimed as one of the better sites, Zoosk shares the same algorithms as the worst of them.I expressed discontent with the website, but that is not against the guidelines, so they are censoring me because they disagree with my opinion?My first amendment rights are being trampled by this website, and even though I have tried many times to contact them to let them know what is happening, nothing has changed, and they charge but have no refund policies in place. Someone has to put a stop on Internet companies that don't follow the law of our nation. You get practically nothing for a basic subscription.

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You would think there are plenty of ladies interested in you, but it's b**##t, designed to make you pay.

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